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Juvenile Law Attorney

Juvenile Law Attorney

If you are looking for a Juvenile Law Attorney in in Lincoln or Wahoo, Nebraska, talk to us first.  If your child has been charged with a crime, alleged to have been excessively absent or truant from school, alleged to be a status offender, alleged to be abused, neglected, dependent, uncontrollable, or in danger, or has been removed from your home on an emergency basis, do not hesitate to contact us. Time can be of the essence, and there are different time frames that apply in each case. Juvenile cases can be initiated in many ways, and often have very different outcomes depending on the circumstances of your family.

Juvenile Law Attorney

Saunders County Courthouse, Wahoo, Nebraska

Juvenile Law Attorney: Abuse/Neglect/Dependency Investigations

If you believe your family is under investigation by Child Protective Services, you may have an opportunity to avoid going to court altogether, and contacting an experienced Juvenile Law Attorney is critical. Hire an attorney seven years of experience working closely with Health & Human Services caseworkers and attorneys, who can make sure your interests are protected. If you are considering relinquishing parental rights for any reason…do not go through this process without an experienced Juvenile Law attorney!

Juvenile Law Attorney: Law Violations/Status Offenses

If your child is cited or charged with a crime or alleged to be a “status” offender, either in criminal or juvenile court…there can be many ramifications. We are here to help guide you through any court proceeding, to make sure your child is treated fairly and his or her rights are protected at every stage. If you are concerned about the sealing of juvenile records, college or job applications for your child, driving records, or simply what can happen to your child in each type of case, talk with a Juvenile Law Attorney with experience. Jon Frazer spent nearly five years as a Juvenile Court prosecutor…make that experience work for you!

Jon Frazer regularly takes court-appointed cases and represents private-pay clients in Juvenile Court, in both Lancaster and Saunders Counties in Nebraska. He is regularly appointed as Guardian ad Litem for juveniles, or as an Attorney for juveniles or parents in juvenile court. He has experience practicing in front of all juvenile courts in these counties, and several adjacent counties as well.

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