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Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links.  Keep in mind, if you have received a citation or have signed a court document to appear in court, you must appear on the date and time listed or a warrant may be issued for your arrest.  If your court date involves a civil matter, you may be found in default if you fail to appear.  Keep in touch with our office to make sure you know about all court dates.

Helpful links

Credit: Nebraska Unicameral Information Office

Whether you’re curious about Nebraska statutes, a bill that may be on the floor of the legislature, whether a business entity exists or is in good standing in the State of Nebraska, we try to keep links here updated to assist you in your search!

Note:  If you’re looking to confirm a court date on a case we’re handling…make sure you email or call us to confirm information you may find online!  Many individuals update this information in the court system, and you don’t want to risk missing a court date based on that information alone!

Come back often, as we try to add new links on a regular basis!

Helpful links: Nebraska Laws

Nebraska State Statutes – Note Chapter 28 contains most criminal offenses. Chapter 43 Contains most juvenile law provisions. Chapter 60 contains most traffic offenses.

Helpful links: Driving

Nebraska DMV Eligibility Use this tool to find out the status of your Driver’s License, and what you can do to reinstate it.

Helpful links: Courts

Courts and Judicial Branch

Nebraska Supreme Court

List of District Judges and bailiffs in Lancaster County, Nebraska

Jury Terms and Docket Calls – Lancaster County District Court

State-wide Courtroom Calendar Search – Specify County/District Court, which County, and search by your last name.

United States Bankruptcy Court – District of Nebraska

Advisory Judicial Ethics Committee Opinions – Nebraska

Nebraska Supreme Court Opinions (Released Fridays)

Nebraska Court of Appeals Opinions (Released Tuesdays)

Creighton Searchable Appellate Brief Database

Helpful links: Business Formations

NE Secretary of State Corporations Search

Helpful links: Child Support

Nebraska Child Support Guidelines

Judgment Interest Rate (Updated Quarterly)


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