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About Jon Frazer

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About Jon Frazer

A Little About Jon Frazer:

Jon Frazer graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2006, and the University of Nebraska College of Law in 2009.

One unique thing about Jon Frazer is that he began as a prosecutor in Saunders County, Nebraska in January, 2010. He gained valuable experience in various criminal and civil cases in that role.  Jon also worked closely with law enforcement, reviewed criminal investigations, and prepared and handled court matters on a daily basis.  Additionally, he tried cases in front of judges and juries, both misdemeanors and felony-level offenses.

After gaining experience as a prosecutor, Jon founded Jonathan M. Frazer, P.C., L.L.O., a private law firm based out of Lincoln Nebraska, in 2014.

Experience in Multiple Areas and Locations:

Jon Frazer has also continued his work in juvenile court as a private practice attorney.  For example, Jon regularly serves as  counsel and Guardian ad Litem for juveniles and parents.  He also handles misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in both County and District Courts.  Our firm represent clients in various civil cases including construction and warranty claims, landlord-tenant actions,  divorce, paternity, custody, parenting time, child support cases, and contract disputes.  Jon handles most cases in Lancaster or Saunders County.  Finally, our firm considers cases outside of Lancaster and Saunders Counties on a case by case basis.  We are located at 421 S. 9th Street Suite 130 in Lincoln, Nebraska, just a block away from the Lancaster County Courthouse.  Please click the map below for directions!

Jonathan M. Frazer, PC, LLO, will make sure you are treated fairly and receive competent legal advice.

Organizational Details:

Jon Frazer is a member of the Nebraska Bar Association, the Saunders County Bar Association, and the Lincoln Bar Association.  He served as an alternate member to the Court of Appeals Judicial Nominating Commission, Fifth Judicial District, after his election to that role in January, 2013.

Contact Us:

To check on the status of your case or inquire as to our possible representation of you as a new client, contact us by phone, email, or by mail.

Our office is located at 421 S. 9th Street, Suite 130, Lincoln NE 68508.  We are one block from the Lancaster County Courthouse, in the Heritage Square Building.  Please click the map below for directions!

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